As I write this my main Work is as a Technician in the Art and Design Technology Departments of a Secondary School in England.  I also do some Outdoor Education jobs in between school times and I am slowly developing my practice as an Artist.  In my recreation time I love to cycle, climb, surf, paint, play music and attempt to meditate regularly; it helps, a lot.  I am inspired by Buddhism and Permaculture principles and by the core ethical values I have absorbed from growing up in a largely Christian culture, for which I am grateful.

My background experience is diverse, encompassing jobs in light industrial companies, assisting researchers, warehouse and stores work, rearing and training birds of prey, time in the Royal Navy, outdoor education, team/leadership training and personal development, learning resource development, course directing, graphics and art, learning support in schools, expedition leadership, basic carpentry, welding, metalwork and pottery skills.

This blog is mainly for posting thoughts and ideas on a range of topics that I feel I’m able to express clearly enough to be of possible interest to others.   If you’ve taken the time to read any of the posts, thank you; positive, thoughtful, critical contributions and comments are welcome, your thoughts will give me further food for thought and I hope that my posts will stimulate your own ideas and questions.