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Month: June, 2016

Brexit: Burning our bridges

This is one of the most clear and articulate articles I’ve read, please read and share…

Just an anglophone

It’s hard to know where to start on today’s result. Like many, I’m still feeling regular waves of shock, horror and nausea when I think about what we’ve declared as a nation, and what impact it could have on our future and others’. I’ve refrained from blogging on the subject previously, because I’m not as politically informed as the many people whose posts I’ve shared, but now it’s become the only thing I can think about, I’m going to have a stab. Because I’m angry.

I’ve seen a lot of people on my social media requesting that we stop verbally abusing leave voters and tarring them with the ‘bigot’ brush, and that’s fair. There’s already been too much anger and personal hatred in this debate; in fact, that’s probably one of the reasons we’ve made such an insane dangerousludicrous unprecedented decision. There are various reasons to vote leave, not all of them xenophobia, and I…

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In the harsh light of day…

This article is worth reading:

So now, after a cup of (Indian) tea, I will go to the market. There I will join the people from Britain, Carribean, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Far East, Australia and elsewhere as we find the things we need and like. We will buy vegetables and fruit from local farms, the mainland of Europe, the Carribbean islands and the more peaceful Middle East.
All of us, from my point of view, will be fellow citizens, whatever our paperwork says.



I am returning south empty-handed, narrowly missing selection for a new job, just in 2nd place.
So, after some rest, I will review my plan of action and persevere. I will also continue to work towards employable competence in another European language (NL); I want a key, however small, to another country.
I have been hosted by kind friends and would have stayed longer had I not had another commitment already this weekend.
Outside, as the train passes the Lake District, the clouds are billowing and beautiful, appearing close enough to touch.
England is a beautiful country, tainted by narrow and xenophobic views.
It feels a more foreign land, now.

Earth, water & fire.


Vases, stoneware, 9 & 14cm.

I made these, recently, among my better wheel-thrown pots. My skill level is basic, I do too little of this to become fluent, there are other, higher priorities in my life right now. However, I like them, they will do what I want, for now; when they no longer do, they will become gifts.
Now I just need flowers.