Reflections and observations on life in general.

Month: January, 2015


I realise that I’ll never be in the “mainstream”, I find the eddies and side channels much more interesting; it is a less smooth journey though.



Following a conversation earlier this evening, I had a thought about the whole idea of “holidays”, in the sense of going away somewhere else, usually at considerable expense of money and nervous, as well as fossil, energy. For some years now I have felt that I would rather try to live in a place where I want to be, then I can be free of the ‘need’ to go away when I have some free time; if I’m already content where I am, why move?
I first had this insight when I lived in mid- Wales, by the sea, watching the frenzied holiday traffic. So nice, not to feel driven to drive and just to enjoy the freedom of free time.
I am keeping this in mind as the possibility of a move arises.. Watch this space.