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Month: March, 2019

The very hungry ATM

Yesterday a faulty atm ate my bank card, now cancelled and a new one ordered. The managing company staff on the emergency number were very helpful and also connected me direct to my bank to arrange a replacement.

Today I wrote a cheque for the first time in months and now have cash to do my monthly victualling.

It takes me back to when I didn’t have a cashpoint card at all and a hole in the wall was a thing to avoid. Mobile phones were only used on Star Trek and they never got distracted from a Klingon attack by a Twitchatbooksuptime notification text.

The coffee that was in my cup is diffusing into my brain, awakened by the magic beans. I feel ready now to trek to the aisles to hunt and gather, then exchange brightly decorated paper with the guardians at the checkout, bemusing them temporarily with the magical magnetic discount card.

Amongst all the sufferings in the world right now, I wish you peace and health and rest over the weekend.

Just one day?

It’s a bit late in the day, literally, I am referring to International Women’s Day, to post something on this subject but here’s my bit anyway.

I’ve been busy taking my car to a specialist garage on the edge of Glasgow and, while they were dealing with it (successfully I might add), I made use of the time to get some art materials and then visit Kelvinhall Art Gallery and Museum to see the exhibition of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci.  It’s a small exhibition but worth the visit, especially as it is easy to combine with time amongst other superb items: Dutch paintings from several Scottish collections, including beautifully precise paintings by one of the few Dutch women of that time, around the 18th Century, able to become professional artists; paintings by “The Glasgow Boys”; the Diplodocus skeleton from the Natural History Museum and more.

I went outside to eat a sandwich before taking the bus back to retrieve my car and sheltered from the drizzle behind an impressive statue of three figures; an aging man with instruments that I guess represented the scientific pursuits, a woman reading from a large book and in the centre, an imposing priest clad in heavy robes and his hand raised in a two-fingered gesture of blessing.

It was the woman’s figure that reminded me of International Women’s Day and got me thinking of how important it has been, and remains, for women/girls to have access to literacy and education to break out of the restrictions imposed by traditions and rigid views on people’s roles and abilities and, more subtly, men’s fear of losing power and privilege.

2019 kelvinhall lesende vrouw

I started to wonder why, when we have things like Black History Month, there is only one day set aside for remembering/celebrating/commemorating women.  One day….

Not enough time, considering …