Orp Smart Horn: The Most Anticipated Cycling Product Of The Year

This looks like a really useful device, especially for a commuting cyclist having to cope with densely-packed peak time traffic and fragmented, poorly-designed, cycle routes. I wonder how many people in the Netherlands or Denmark or other northern European countries will feel they need both extra bright lights and loud sirens to keep themselves safe on the road.
So I try to do something to get our local government officers to improve the situation so as to make it easy and safe for anybody to decide to use a bicycle for normal purposes…. and in the meantime may well buy one of these! If i do, I’ll post a review.
Safe journeys, by whatever means.

All Seasons Cyclist

What does an inventor do when they have a great idea for a new product but lack the funding to bring it to market? Many inventors turn to Kickstarter, a website where they can promote their idea and seek financial backers. Sometimes the backers donate money just because they think the project is worthwhile and other times they contribute enough to earn a few perks (anything from decals or a copy of the finished product, and all the way up to a trip to the manufacturing plant). Over the past few years I’ve helped back several projects that had to do with cycling, but the one I have anticipated the most is the new Orp Smart Horn.

The Orp Smart Horn {Smorn} is a “combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to make you more visible and hearable.” While the Orp is not in…

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