by surfsensei

I was reflecting upon the deeds people do, good and bad, all the stuff that fills the media, you know the kind of thing all too well, and how the internet has really revealed, for good and ill, the contents of people’s minds.

I recalled something:

“The true ‘house of God’, and Satan,  is in our minds.  Which one we choose to make welcome determines both the quality of our actions and of our lives.  We will experience, sooner or later, the consequences of our choice.”

“We can never rid ourselves entirely of the presence of either God or Satan, but if we try to suppress all knowledge of one and banish them to the cellar, they will still make their presence known, and we will have no rest at night.”

I am reminded also of what a friend, a strong convert to Christianity, had said about meditation, that their tradition frowned upon it on the basis that a still mind might “let the devil in” (so why not God too?).. Odd reasoning, no thought of managing and transforming negative thoughts, not to mention implying that the Deity was not quite omnipotent.

So now to allow my mind to rest before bed, and the arising thoughts can run and play like lively children; when they’re done, space and stillness can return.

Sleep well.