It’s Late… thinking of Surfing.

by surfsensei

It’s late, I should have gone to bed by now but my mind’s too active and I made the mistake of looking back through old emails that set more thoughts, memories and associations rolling. Re-reading things I wrote to friends and family about the time I came to the end of my time on a teacher-training course that I withdrew from in order to keep my health and sanity – the first time I’ve ever come off a training course. It was also the time my father became very ill and began his decline. A lot of memories returning, strong emotions too.

Then I remembered something I said to my girlfriend over the weekend, a phrase that just came to mind suddenly when she was feeling overwhelmed by sad memories and stuff:

“Maybe we have to learn to surf on the ocean of tears.”

Time to sit quietly for a few minutes, while cars swish by and arguing drunk people shout at each other in the street – the tide on that ocean is rising…

Then sleep.

I wish you a peaceful one.