In the strange beauty

by surfsensei

There is a strange beauty in an urban evening at this time of year, damp and cool, quite pleasant for cycling actually, aside from the hazards of the motorized traffic.
I’m keeping out of the melee as much as this city’s fragmented cycle routes allow ( what is there to prove, anyway? ) and coast to a stop on the canal bridge to take a photo of one of the views that inspires me…


I don’t quite know why this made such a strong impression on me this evening, maybe it’s the start of the weekend and I’ve got a few things done this week that make it feel worthwhile, maybe it’s something else too. I feel as though something subtle is happening, quiet growth under the surface, like roots stirring in winter soil.
Soon after locking up the workshop at the school and setting off homeward on my bike, a sudden feeling of immense calm and contentment came over me, I felt fully present where I was, relaxed and alert, happy even, with a sense of giving this out to everyone around – it’s hard to describe without it sounding like verbal kitsch. Contented is probably the easiest adjective.
The mood neither passed nor fully persisted, it just settled.
So here I am, in a pleasant downtown cafe (the carrot cake was too good to share, sorry, no photo! ), writing another blog post, sharing a moment (though I guess you’d prefer the cake!).
Have a good, contented, weekend.