Sainsbury Songs

by surfsensei

It’s Friday, the end of a busy week, before returning to the flat, a cup of tea at the supermarket cafe.
Have you ever listened, just listened, to the sounds of supermarkets? It’s quite restful, really, an unintentional lullaby for stressed shoppers – if they pause from being stressed and just bring attention to noticing what’s happening around them?
The bleeping of the tills makes a sort of call and response across the queueing lines. Here there are about 3 different notes, sometimes coinciding to make a simple, one-time, melody of bleeps. It might make a good starting point for an improvisation.
I begin to wish I had a good quality, discreet, microphone to record it with; my phone will only pick up low quality voice memos.  A project for another time… as if I was ever bored!

So I just listen to the sporadic, unpredictable, melodies and the fragments of words and conversations, the sounds of packaging and trolleys, of parents and children, until my cup is empty and I remember that I have an early start tomorrow.